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About us

Meet the foundation

People are our driving force and purpose. This is why we contribute to their personal and professional advancement, and that of communities in a sustainable environment. We move to promote the well-being of people and provide opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential through training, mobility, and sustainability, offering support when they need it the most, and always focusing on the long term.

We believe in the movement to help people and communities grow, advance towards progress, and transform lives.

We are Gestamp Foundation.
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What is our purpose?

We work to drive the personal and professional advancement of people through the creation of opportunities and sustainable development. 

What drives us?

We want to improve the quality of life of people and their local communities through training, mobility, and environmental protection.

Where are we heading?

We are committed to building an international social entity with a positive impact on the lives of people, their local communities, and their natural habitat, adding value through initiatives that promote their development and improve their lives.

What values define us?



We have the will to stand alongside people and their surroundings, looking after their well-being, fostering their development on every level, and with a long-term vision to build a network of trust and support that lasts over time.



We are defined by a culture of effort, working hard to continuously improve and create a positive and sustained social impact.



United, we can achieve more. We believe that collaboration is the way to do things better, establishing long-lasting alliances with communities and other social entities. 



We want to help people by offering experience and knowledge as a source of learning. We view training as the driving force behind transformation and the creation of opportunities for society.



Gestamp is based on family, which is why we believe in ongoing support and the principles of unity, closeness, and protecting the communities and their surroundings.

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