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Formula Student

Formula Student is an international competition that allows university students to participate in an actual professional experience within the automotive industry. The teams design, create and build a single-seater race car, combining hands-on engineering experience with interpersonal skills such as business planning and project management. 

Gestamp Foundation project has been led by Gestamp since 2015, giving a social focus to university partnerships and highlighting attributes such as innovation capacity and teamwork. 

Gestamp continues to be an official sponsor of the Formula Student Spain circuit, and Gestamp Foundation supports the teams from seven Spanish universities: Madrid (ICADE – Comillas Pontifical University, University Carlos III), Barcelona (Barcelona Tech UPC), Basque Country (University of the Basque Country, TECNUN School of Engineering), Valencia (Polytechnic University of Valencia), and Vigo (University of Vigo).   

In addition to the economic aid the teams receive, and to highlight the importance of knowledge about the automotive industry, Gestamp Foundation helps bring students closer to Gestamp experts through a mentorship program. Specifically, Gestamp employees volunteer their time to give teams technical and professional advice on aspects that may be useful for building their vehicles.

Representatives from the seven university teams also participate in the Gestamp Formula Student event, where they can share experiences, tour the facilities and meet Gestamp innovation experts.

Spain: Madrid / Barcelona / Valencia / Vigo / Basque Country


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