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Gestamp Foundation: a step further in the multinational's commitment to society

The new non-profit entity founded by Gestamp, the Spanish automotive components supplier multinational, will develop projects and initiatives as part of its ongoing contribution towards advancing local communities development.


With more than 43,000 employees in 24 countries, Gestamp continues to grow, but this time focusing on social aspects through the creation of its new corporate Foundation.

The Foundation can be traced to the legacy of the Group’s founder, Francisco Riberas Pampliega. His values of honesty, commitment and determination have inspired the entity's creation and serve as the best model for us to keep contributing to society through our initiatives.
Mónica Riberas, Fundación Gestamp General Director


The purpose of Gestamp Foundation is to drive the personal and professional advancement of people through the creation of opportunities and sustainable development along three main areas of action: education, mobility and sustainability.

Committed to continuing Gestamp’s legacy by supporting local communities and growing with society, Gestamp Foundation works on social action projects that promote people’s long-term advancement.

Gestamp Foundation’s initiatives are focused on digitalization, supporting STEAM careers and fostering diversity within them, highlighting the importance of vocational training, in order to promote employment opportunities. In addition, the Foundation will focus on initiatives linked to mobility, road safety, and the protection of the environment.

The Foundation is based in Spain and will implement most of its projects and initiatives in the country, without losing sight of the Group’s global perspective to continue expanding its reach in the future.

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