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Gestaskills students in one of their training sessions with Gestamp volunteers.

Gestamp Foundation presents GestaSkills, a project that creates opportunities for vocational training students

In partnership with the Foundation Empieza por Educar, Gestamp Foundation has launched an initiative to promote the professional development of basic vocational training students.


Gestamp Foundation, together with Foundation Empieza por Educar, launches the GestaSkills project with the aim of contributing to generating opportunities for the youngest.This program of educational and leadership development has the objective of promoting motivation and preventing school dropout in the basic stage of vocational training. The project is specially focused on vulnerable groups, in order to establish a network of models in the labor market.

This first edition of GestaSkills took place at the educational center Padre Piquer in Madrid with 2nd year students of Electricity and Electronics, and Administration degrees. The project had two separate stages. Firstly, a transformation of the area in which the school’s facilities were improved. Then, a second stage in which students worked on a project with the help of experts and methodologies of work focused on Desing Thinking.

Furthermore, during the whole project, workshops were held with Gestamp professionals who volunteered to lead sessions focused on leadership and communication competencies. Students had the opportunity to develop different skills from those usually addressed in the regular school program.

They discussed the soft skills that stood out from each other and how they could use them in the labor market. Students could analyze the importance of teamwork, the utility of assertive communication, and how to develop an action plan from the beginning, in all its stages.

During the sessions, different professionals of Gestamp participated as volunteers in the workshops, sharing their perspectives on the labor world. In addition to this contribution to the program, through the resources of the entity Empieza por Educar, the teachers received sessions about the use of active methodologies and the development of annual projects.

Gestamp Foundation, through this project, supports and promotes vocational training, highlighting the professional opportunities that it offers. The volunteers who participated in the workshops with the scholars are grateful and satisfied to have been able to contribute to the development of the students and show them the reality of the work environment.

“Thank you for reminding me of the enthusiasm for learning, it’s contagious!”

“Keep working as a team and respecting your mates and everything will be much easier.”

“Share those good ideas with patience and collaboration and you will see good results.”

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