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A group of students from GestaSkills program during their visit at Gestamp Toledo.

Students from the GestaSkills program visit Gestamp Toledo

At Gestamp’s facilities, the students of the Padre Piquer School continue their learning by learning about the application of their studies in the professional world.


As part of the implementation of the GestaSkills Project, launched by the Gestamp Foundation, vocational training students had the opportunity to visit the Gestamp Toledo plant. During the visit they were able to see the manufacturing processes of different manufacturing products and immerse through the experience of Gestamp professionals, in the day to day life of a plant.

In addition, the students were guided by Gestamp volunteers, experts in the technologies and production processes, and who, in many cases, had received vocational training. The students were able to share the experience with them, asking them questions and discovering how, through perseverance and self-improvement, they have been able to develop a professional career in a multinational company such as Gestamp.

As a result of this visit and the testimonies of the employees, the students were able to take a step further in their education, discovering new opportunities and perspectives on the world of working environment. The day was a great success, and the students were very happy with the outcome of the visit: “The volunteers were very nice and friendly. Their way of letting loose with us was what we enjoyed the most”.

GestaSkills not only offers young people from different backgrounds support in their professional development, but it is also a unique opportunity for them to get closer to the real working world through case studies and people who have gone through the same situations, fears and concerns.

Gestamp Foundation seeks to make young people feel accompanied during this stage of greater uncertainty in their lives and to help them find references among professionals who motivate them to continue studying.


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